Kafka: Install and Run Apache Kafka on windows

Install Apache Kafka on Windows

STEP 1: Install JAVA SDK >8

For this we need java-jdk installed on our system.

STEP 2: Download and Install Apache Kafka binaries

You can download the Apache Kafka binaries from Apache kafka official page:


STEP 3: Extract the binary

Extract the binary to some folder. Create a ‘data‘ folder at bin level.

Inside data folder create zookeeper and kafka folder.

STEP 4: Update configuration value

Update zookeeper data directory path in “config/zookeeper.Properties” configuration file.

With the zookeeper folder path that you have created in data.

Update Apache Kafka log file path in “config/server.properties” configuration file.

STEP 5:  Start Zookeeper

Now we will start zookeeper from command prompt. Go to kafka bin\windows and execute zookeeper-server-start.bat command with config/zookeeper.Properties configuration file.

Here we are using default properties that already bundled with kafka bindary and persist into the config folder. later we can update this according to our uses.

To validate if zookeeper starts successfully check for below logs.

STEP 6:  Start Apache Kafka

Finally we will start Apache Kafka from command prompt just in the same way we started zookeeper. Open an another command prompt, run kafka-server-start.bat command with kafka config/server.properties configuration file.


To proceed with kafka you need install and run kafka and zookeeper server on your machine. with the above steps.

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